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Contract Manufacturing (OEM)

A specialist in bait technology, Hacco is a leading contract manufacturer and developer of pesticide bait technologies and formulations. From its first rodenticide product produced in 1949, Hacco has grown into a specialty bait manufacturer and is now an integral part of Neogen.

Hacco has an extensive manufacturing and packaging facility with flexible production capabilities. Various recognized brand name bait products, marketed worldwide, are contract manufactured by Hacco. Formulation techniques and packaging expertise, learned through years of innovative problem solving, have resulted in significant technological improvements incorporated into these products.

Randolph Facilities

Hacco’s manufacturing plant, located at 110 Hopkins Drive in Randolph, Wisc., includes central warehousing, quality control and GLP-Compliant laboratories. Hacco has designed these facilities to meet customer specific requirements for product development, formulation, analytical testing, packaging and logistical needs. Many types and brands of bait products are produced in this plant and shipped to customers nationally and internationally.

An Integrated Operation with Segregated Production

Hacco specializes in the production of numerous types of rodenticide, disinfectant, and contract manufacturing functions. All of these products, whether custom formulated, toll-manufactured or private labeled, maintain consistent high quality and product integrity.

To ensure this consistent high quality and product integrity, the Randolph plant provides an integrated quality control function with a segregated production environment. This environment ensures against any possibility of cross contamination and assures the strictest adherence to quality and effectiveness standards. All products manufactured by Hacco are produced on production lines dedicated to specific products in this segregated environment.

Rodenticide Bait Formulation, Bait Forms and Packaging Capabilities

Hacco and its team of professionals are recognized leaders in rodenticide formulation development, manufacturing and packaging.

Hacco has the capability and flexibility to produce a broad spectrum of rodenticide bait forms and formulations. These rodenticide formulations contain active ingredients ranging from anticoagulants to acute toxicants. Rodenticide bait formulations incorporate an almost infinite combination of ingredients. Individualized formulations are available in meal, pelleted, extruded, and compacted forms. When desired, all-weather formulations designed to optimize bait effectiveness can be produced at this facility.

Packaging equipment includes five separate single and dual head high speed form-fill and seal packaging lines.

Pouching Capabilities

An experienced professional product development staff provides a technological base for rodenticide and pesticide bait development, process evaluation and efficacy optimization testing. Hacco’s technological base includes a mastery of formulation components, bait types and application configurations.

Hacco can package your product faster and at a lower cost with automated equipment that forms, precisely fills, adds a zipper and seals 20 to 30 pouches of rodenticides per minute. The machinery also uses pre-printed roll stock at two-thirds the cost of pre-made pouches.

These lines have the flexibility to produce individual bait pouches ranging from 7.5 grams to several pounds.

Complete Spectrum of Cleaners and Disinfectants

Flexible production capabilities and extensive product development experience combine to provide the perfect product and package for customers in specialty disinfectants markets. The cleaners and disinfectants are manufactured and distributed for both domestic and international markets, primarily for use in the agriculture industry to support biosecurity inside the farm gate.

Laboratory Facilities, Research and Development,
Quality Control and Commensal Rodent Efficacy

The research capabilities of Hacco include product evaluation, product development and laboratory testing. Laboratory facilities are GLP-Compliant for commensal rodent efficacy testing. Formulations are thoroughly researched and tested for target species acceptability and efficacy during product evaluation and development.

The GLP-Compliant Chemistry and Quality Control laboratories are located onsite at our Randolph facilities. Analytical capabilities include HPLC, and other necessary procedures.

Custom designed QS and QC programs ensure product performance consistent with the strictest quality standards. Hacco can provide any and all analytical or biological testing for products manufactured at the Randolph facility.

EPA Regulatory Support

Qualified staff are available to research, prepare and submit EPA required documentation for product registrations and the subsequent support necessary to maintain registrations in full EPA compliance.

Full Service Reliability

Hacco has the most complete service capabilities for rodenticide and specialty pesticide bait products in the industry—from formulation evaluation and development, through production, to packaging and marketing. Hacco can assist with regulatory requirements and offers a comprehensive marketing advisory support staff.

Strict confidentiality and sincere dedication to both products and customers have positioned Hacco as the recognized leader in custom and contract manufacturing from start to finish.

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